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During the Covid pandemic, due to the lack of performance opportunities, I was forced to expand my understanding of audience participation. I started to consider alternative ways of creating experiences for viewers, looking for a medium where I would define the score but the user was free to experience it at their own pace and to follow their own path. This interactive 3D project grew out of my research, combing sound I composed with self built environments that all relate to dreams I’ve had, a recurring nightmare being the starting point of the whole experience.

"Place I Can’t Go" mimics a computer game and follows the standard WASD/mouse look control scheme of most first person shooters; the user sees the world through the eyes of the protagonist.

The project is available for PC and runs best on a computer with a dedicated graphics card.

The project was supported by the Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V. Neustart Kultur grant.


Place I Can't Go_by_Aleks_Slota.zip 540 MB

Install instructions

After the ZIP folder is downloaded please extract it to the location on your computer where you'd like it to be stored. In the main folder you will find a file "Place I Can't Go.exe" just double click it to start the experience.

A pop-up will probably appear stating "Windows protected your PC", just click "More info" below this message and the button "Run anyway" will appear, click it to play "Place I Can't Go".

If you are worried about the safety of the zip file you can always right click on it and select "Scan with Microsoft Defender", to check it.

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